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Welcome to Tusk!

Tusk Trading is a trading name of Peakbridge Global Ltd. and acts as the manufacturer for its brands.

TUSK products are supplied worldwide to importers and distributors who supply retailers of equipment for poultry-keepers, breeders, smallholders and farmers


All distribution to resellers supplying the domestic poultry market is handled via a distribution arrangement with TRILANCO ( who deliver to all parts of the UK on a daily basis, from their substantial stock-holdings of TUSK products.

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TUSK products are distributed in many countries around the globe. 

To enquire about stockists in your country or for new distributor enquires, please click the link below.

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Agrivite offers a complete range of scientifically designed nutritional products for livestock, particularly for poultry and avian species, to combat boredom and support wellbeing.
For flock sizes from backyard to commercial, Agrivite products have been designed with bird welfare in mind!


Chicktec logo

Chicktec® supplies egg incubation and hatchery equipment for commercial poultry, professional breeders and the scientific market.
Chicktec develops and builds high-level incubation equipment for use in bioscience and vaccine production.

Eton logo

Eton Livestock Appliances has a range of specially designed and selected products for animal husbandry, poultry and egg production and general outdoor hardware supplies.

Intelec logo

Intelec UK have been developing and manufacturing quality, specialised electrical and electronic heating, light and control systems for agriculture since 1985.
Our range includes:
Infra-Red lamps and bulbs
Precision thermostats and control panels for incubation
Power supplies and fan motors
Alarm panels and power-failure alarms

Pesttrappa logo

PestTrappa specialises in developing innovative products for use in the pest control market. Our products are chosen and developed for their effectiveness and efficiency in controlling the target species.

At PestTrappa we constantly seek to ensure that our products are humane, efficient and kind to the environment

PestTrappa brands include:
Smite, Scarper and Redtop 

Scarper logo

A range of products to prevent feather pecking, tail-biting and cannibalism

Scarper Vice Buster
is a powerful, strong-smelling, natural product which has been specially designed for use in controlling vices in poultry, pigs and other animals

Scarper Clear is a natural, clear, odourless solution that can be applied directly to animals to prevent cannibalism, feather pecking and tail biting.

Redtop logo

The ORIGINAL and still unbeatable, REDTOP FLY CATCHER.

• Extremely effective – one regular trap can catch up to 20,000 flies in just 3 days
• Economical – low cost and requires no electricity
• Environmentally friendly, food safe and disposable
• Doesn’t attract bees or other insects

"The best thing since flies bred!"


Smite Professional is a super-degreasant, powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses

Smite Kokzi Des is a specialised, broad-spectrum, high-grade, anti-coccidial disinfectant
which eliminates shed endoparasites, worm eggs, coccidia, cryptosporidia and clostridia


A range of natural, organic products useful in controlling mites and other organisms in the agricultural environment

Smite DE Powder is an organic, naturally-mined mineral product which is used as a desiccant powder and drying agent for use in poultry and livestock bedding and housing areas.

Smite Organic Scaly Leg Spray is a natural deterrent against Scaly Leg mite which can be sprayed directly onto the legs of the birds.


Advanced high-level disinfectants and bedding powders designed for clinical, veterinary and agricultural use

Smite PH8 is a High Level, Laboratory-grade, Biocidal Disinfectant

Agrisec 250 is a 'New Generation' super absorbent bedding powder​

Agrisec 250 Plus is a super absorbant, biocidal bedding powder containing added Halamid

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